Life is far too short, even at its longest, and each week seems busier than the last. That’s why you have to make a point to get the most out of your downtime. Ice Castle Fish Houses bring families and friends together. Fishing, camping, hunting, guest quarters and more, uses for your Ice Castle are only limited to the hours you have available to use it.


At Milaca Unclaimed Freight, we understand that there are places to go and memories to made in your home away from home, and that all gets put on hold when work is being done on it. Plus, you have a lot invested in it and probably won’t sleep a wink until its back in your care. We’ll handle your Castle with kid gloves; we know what we’re doing, we do it quickly, and we do it well. Our certified Ice Castle techs service Ice Castle products from across the entire state of Minnesota and beyond, whether they were purchased here or not.

ice castle fish house repairs and services building
inside ice castle fish house repairs and services building
ice castle getting fixed
Ice Castle repairs and services building

Accessories and Service

Once you discover just how versatile your Ice Castle Fish House truly is, you’ll want to accessorize it to reflect your interests and personal style, and get the most out of every minute you spend in it. From our facility in Milaca, we can perform upgrades and make any changes you desire to your Ice Castle. The possibilities are endless when you consider extensive line of accessories we have available.

An LED light strip with remote is a great way to light up your fishing area, and it makes it easier to navigate those late-night trips to “the office” without stumbling around in the dark. Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding additional electrical outlets, a new jack knife sofa or wheel-well skirts. A live/bait well is always a great add on, as are solar panels, new speakers or TV mounts. Need additional heat for our brutal winters? Consider installing an electric fire place, or an air conditioner to beat the summer swelter. Perhaps you’re dreaming of adding a winch system, new stainless cables, an awning package or a slide out for additional room. We install it all at Milaca Unclaimed Freight, even the kitchen sink!

Warranty Work and Repairs

We also provide warranty work for Ice Castles. Our staff understands your warranty coverage, we’re factory trained on how to address the issues, and we only use certified Ice Castle products on all repairs.

Looking for parts for your Ice Castle is longer a guessing game; we’ll help you find the right parts for your particular make and model. Plus, the pros in our service shop can offer estimates for insurance claims, and repair any damage to your Ice Castle, including replacing broken windows or repairing or replacing siding, doors and floors.

We’re a dealer for new and used Ice Castles, too. Contact Milaca Unclaimed Freight today and we’ll help you get your Ice Castle Fish House ready for another four seasons of unbridled fun!

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