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Largest Selection of Ice Castle Fish House RV's ANYWHERE!

With over 200 houses available, we are the premire Ice Castle dealer in the world. Nowhere else will you find our selection of houses or a better price on your new house. Check out our catalogue to see our latest inventory!

Built the Way You Want It

Specializing in custom fish houses, we have over 200 finished Ice Castle Fish Houses available. And since customization is the name of the game, we are more than happy to help you add those personalized touches to your Ice Castle Fish House. At Milaca Unclaimed Freight we offer a full line of accessories that can turn your fish house into a luxurious home on wheels or into the ultimate ice fishing man cave.


With an Ice Castle Fish House you can choose from a large list of amenities and accessories. Enjoy the comforts of home with Satellite TV, refrigerator, stovetop, kitchen table, maintenance free siding, and more… remember, it's all about customization.

A Truly Multipurpose Investment

Keeping personalization in mind, the uses for an Ice Castle Fish House are endless, especially since they are now licensed for the road. Ice Castles can now be used all year long; this multipurpose investment truly does offer "more for your buck" – Ice Castle Fish Houses are versatile and work great as:

  • Hunting Shacks
  • Fall Storage Sheds
  • Camping Shelters
  • Transport Trailers / Toy Haulers for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, & ATVs
  • And Much More!

For more information on our quality Ice Castle Fish Houses, please contact us Toll Free at 888-478-3633 or simply stop by on your way to the cabin.

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